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Top 500 enterprise choose us, More than 1000 cooperation customers

Our products are exported to more than 40 countries

We not only produce umbrella, but also your strategic partner

Because we focus on So more professional

Quote fast        Proofing fast        Production cycle short        Cooperation fast

  • Quote price in 30 !
  • Send sample in 12 hour !
  • Proofing normal umbrella in 3 days !
  • 1000 pcs delivery within 10 days,50000 pcs delivery within 25 days

Develop fine processes, with complete equipment

  • 12 elaborate processes, make each umbrella by hand made
  • Worker turnover rate is lower than 20%, the product quality is stable
  • Currently known we arethe only one self-built umbrella quality inspection laboratory
  • The production process strictly enforce theISO9001quality system standard production




Core team, sincere communication, product value

  • Excellent communication skills - All sales have college degree or above, training at the factory for 3 months
  • High ability of proposal - Serviced more than 1000 enterprise in 7 years, sustainable customer development
  • High ability of production - 7 factories Solidarity and precise division
  • Best price - Direct Manufacturer

Case studies

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3-fold umbrella

Straight umbrella

Golf umbrella

Full fiberglass Straight umbrella

TK straight umbrella

Straight umbrella

Kids umbrella

Kids umbrella

Golf umbrella

Double layer golf umbrella

Magic umbrella

3-fold umbrella

Classic case

“Rescuing” Bangladesh, by processing 120000 advertising umbrella within 13 days
“Rescuing” Bangladesh, by processing 120000 advertising umbrella within 13 days
In the first working day after the Spring Festival, we deal with all kinds of consultation orders as usual. However, there is an order particularly attracting my attention that a trading company in Hong Kong consults me whether 400000 advertising umbrellas can be processed within 30 days. The order with such big amount must be used for an election. Although we have accumulated lots of experiences to deal with orders with African countries, it’s the first time to manage an urgent order in this period. I think the one who make the order is badly in need of this batch of umbrellas. The processing capability and production ability of our professional factory are staying ahead of the industry, so this output can be easily accomplished in normal times. However, on the 8th of the Spring Fest... More >>


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