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Rainscene become 2013 Badminton World Championships only umbrella product sponsors

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  In August 5th, the highly anticipated by the rainscene as the only designated product sponsor of the 2013 World Badminton Championships officially kicked off in Guangzhou. As the world badminton top competition, following a single event of the highest level of whole of London after the Olympic Games, the international badminton, 49 countries a total of 341 athletes to participate in the tournament, in Guangzhou stadium, and will be the entire television broadcast, will fail to arrive at the scene audience can focus on the CCTV-5 and the Guangzhou sports channel.

  Following the July rainscene Sponsors 2013 Stankovic Cup, once again provided sponsorship for the badminton world championships move is considered to be an important part of its sports marketing

  The Badminton World Championships from August 5th to August 11th, coinciding with the Guangzhou heat difficult to block, sunny and rain volatile day, singing in the rain with an umbrella as specified in this event, the sun shading umbrella products have good function and equivalent wind resistance, which provides good logistical support for the badminton world championships. When the rain love fresh eye-catching green logo not only for inside and outside the stadium to add a beautiful landscape, but also for the sun to come to the scene as the athletes cheer badminton enthusiasts to prop up a comfortable cool.
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