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Sun umbrella to be greater development

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  Under the sun umbrella do Teahouse
  A humble umbrella, the total value of no more than 300-500 dollars, but it was under shade rain shield of the owner once owned trading space development and utilization, it will float to the surface endless opportunities. In general, can take under an umbrella 3-4 single beds, guests can pay 4-10 dollars lying in the above two hours, additional fee is calculated based on the quality of tea tea.
  The umbrella bit Rental
  ttractions, in a sun umbrella to take several single beds and offer tea to visitors who provide convenient. The benefits of this "under the umbrella cafe" is that low cost, flexible place to facilitate affordable and unique flavor, a person will be able to operate.
  The couple house
  As in some of the sights, propped up a sun umbrella, and then add in the surrounding walls with colored umbrella canopy, which put a table a few chairs, sun umbrella under ride can put three groups, and then leased to tourists crossing, in a few dollars an hour per meter, for those tired of walking passer Lee Yan services provided. General umbrella together only for summer, and this was through the transformation of the sun umbrella can be used throughout the year, sometimes rush advantage rain, surrounded by a collection has become a "yurt." In the tourist attractions, hold a large sun umbrella, sun umbrella with various types under the umbrella, and inflatable, tables, chairs, etc., specially rented to those who use tourist attractions.
   Childcare station
   In the tourist scenic spots to hang curtain four sides of an umbrella, designed for those who love Valentine's companion seating to facilitate the general charges 10 yuan per hour (with a bed, chair, weak tea, flowers)
   Under the umbrella of the restaurant
   In a few umbrellas decentralization cribs, with baby-care products, children's toys, pictures, fruit, drinks, etc., to provide "for you tube child" services, childcare stations are those parents traveling with a child's wonderful place.
  Under the umbrella of fruit juice shop
  In the original basis for the long umbrellas improvements, it can go up or down, stays close freely, and with a colorful cloth to outflank, which is equipped with tables, food, drinks, travelers ready to order, freshly fried, affordable. Can pay a deposit based on the number of rented, used refundable deposit.
  The sun umbrella rental
  In the spring and summer tourist attractions and roadside support a sun umbrella, prepare one or two sets of bomb juice machine, a freezer and a variety of fresh fruit, freshly squeezed sell, guests can point freshly squeezed juice according to your taste
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