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Cultural umbrella symbol

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  In the long history of the umbrella, the rain from the beginning of shading effects, with increasing use of time, to expand the scope of the umbrella spread gradually become an indispensable tool life, and people based on the characteristics and function of the umbrella gives it various names, auspicious festive symbolism.
  一, Symbol of good fortune

  Umbrella stand for "human" shape; umbrella Traditional word is "Umbrella", from the perspective of traditional Chinese characters, is covered with a herringbone  head following four "human" character, so more children, more happiness meaning, paper umbrella umbrella bamboo, on behalf of longevity, meaning rising. Paper umbrella umbrella for the round, meaning happy, happy, peace. I wish Jinbangtiming paper umbrella in ancient China. Meaning red and red paper umbrella expensive. Red is the traditional color, meaning red and expensive.

  二,Powerful symbol

  In ancient Greece, the umbrella sun visor is indispensable foil festive costumes. Slaveholders let the servant behind his visor holding the high ground, to show their power and elegance

  三,Symbol of elegance,

  Paper umbrella in general are ingenious, exquisite workmanship. Umbrella much poetry picture. Their rich culture, strong cultural atmosphere. In China, the cheongsam and classical combination of paper umbrella has become a symbol of elegance. With the development and continuous improvement of people's quality of life, and now its value has gone beyond the practical range, the intake of a strong fashion colors, became a symbol of elegance.
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