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Golf umbrellas in the popularity of high-end clubs gradually

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We often see it when you figure the game of golf, golf umbrella biggest feature is large, it can be said that could get in the hands of the largest umbrella, the normal specifications are between 25 inch -32 inch. As more people understand this umbrella good quality, nice shape, good sun and rain effects and other fine features, golf umbrellas gradually gaining in popularity, luxury hotels, upscale clubs, luxury residential villas also began extensive use.

Golf umbrella handle multi-use EVA (commonly known as: sponge), this handle, feel good, the disadvantage is damp, if not dry, easy raw white mold.

Golf umbrella, choice of materials often are more elegant. Umbrella skeleton to use more full-fiber composite materials, fiber umbrella stand unique toughness ensure the umbrella will not light evening was blown off.

Golf umbrella fabric umbrella multi-use high-grade special fabric, where there are 190 silver tape and 190PG nylon cloth, using such fabrics, often made ​​out of umbrella umbrella formation, after the rain, water droplets fall down soon. 190 silver tape nylon with UV protection features for you to filter out the hot summer heat, bright colors, fun to watch. 190PG cloth (also often referred to as touch juice cloth) very soft.
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