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The Guinness Records of Rainscene (Reverse Umbrella Expert)

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This is a story of the Rainscene Umbrella (Reverse Umbrella Expert) improving professional capabilities in project management practices.
With the successful shipment of the last batch of campaigning umbrella for Malaysian campaign order On 7 Feb, 2018. This challenging order has finished finally.
Now Let me tell you what happened……
I still remember this day (18th of Jan.2018) ,Rainscene(Reverse Umbrella Expert—see relative products click here) got an inquiry , the buyer was a well-known local political and business personnel in Malaysia. The bid was 250,000pcs of election umbrella. This is just a medium order for Rainscene (Reverse Umbrella Expert) in normal times. It is no problem depending on the current processing capacity of the Rainscene. But this inquiry, the challenge is clear! In the 22-day delivery period, 250,000pcs umbrellas for election campaigns were only less than a month away from the Chinese traditional Spring Festival. Raw material suppliers started to take off! But the campaign is on the horizon and customers have no way out. This is also a big challenge for the Rainscene Umbrella.
Although the customer has selected a very mature product, Our company’s production technology and daily production capacity are not a problem at all. But the key to the matter is on the delivery date! At such an awkward time, such an urgent delivery date. Can we complete the customer’s trust in such a large shipment?
Through detailed communication, the customer asked for help again, which would be completed before the Spring Festival . Anyway with a serious and responsible attitude towards to customer, our 8 colleagues who had called for R&D started an emergency meeting for more than one hour,and repeatedly studied the feasibility of completing orders. When the company Chairman Ms. He always lifted her shy fist, she said one sentence: DO IT ! If we can’t do it, I believe no one can do it! ! The customer has no choice, we can’t let the them down! We can go further in structural production, deconstruction, deconstruction and deconstruction!
The next morning, Mr. Zhu, the head of the procurement department, came to Rainscene (Reverse Umbrella Expert). Their request is very clear. 250,000 pcs umbrellas for election campaigns must not be less in 22 days. Orders accepted had only one word, but finish the production with good quality and quantity need the team to cooperate efficiently, which requires seamless integration of procurement, production, and logistics. But we have a lot of big problems, first of all is the problem of fabric,we needed to found the fabric match customer’s request. At this point, our boss said: “we did a lot of this umbrella in the past .I suggest that you communicate with customer like this”. Our customer accepted our suggestion finally. Therefore it takes only three days from inquiry to signing an contract, and the efficient decision-making and communication helped us get more time of 250,000pcs voting parachutes umbrellas!
The snowfall and temperature in Zhejiang exceeded zero on January. This has brought a severe test to our production. The speed of production and the availability of umbrella accessories are all seriously affected. However, due to the improvement of our project management capabilities. We solved the problem resolved one by one in the most difficult moments. Rainscene (Reverse Umbrella Expert) got the support from many friends and colleagues.
On the day of witnessing the miracle on 7th Feb , 2018, when the weather was bad, we completed this order three days before our New Year.In this batch of 250,000pcs umbrellas, the new Guinness record was born. After the completion of the last shipment, Our Client Mr. Zhu called to inspire us by saying: Rainscene is definitely a partner that can fight side by side!
“What an unforgettable urgent order experience ”,after the Rainscene (Reverse Umbrella Expert) once again proved the facts and speed: Raincene team is a professional and efficient team to serve the world! Rainscene production management capacity has reached a new height. This is a new starting for Rainscene (Reverse Umbrella Expert)……
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