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One Macau company found us and sent me a picture of inverted umbrella In Sep 2017. Asking if we could produce it or not, I made a study of the picture of the inverted umbrella.
We got to know that company through Google, knowing that this is a big company. Therefore, we think the product of quality requirements would be very high. So we didn’t quote them the lowest price, but we quoted the price with the high quality.
We received their comment after the quotation.They said our price was very high and enclosed their quotation from another supplier, and consulted me in great detail, such as what materials, processes, what equipment for processing etc. Every time I see this letter with a competitor quote, I clearly know that the client is an umbrella expert. This is our target customer.
I communicated with the production team fully and efficiently and made detailed and professional answers to the customer’s concerns. From the aspects of material selection, product design, production process, quality control and other aspects. I confidently tell the customer that we welcome customer to compare prices. As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire. The same price of the product, our quality is more reliable, the same quality of the product, our price is more affordable.
One week later, the customer asked me if could provide for inverted umbrella sample, so that they could do a quality inspection. Also asked some more detailed questions about the process, material, and schedule. A closer look at the product designs they sent to me revealed that there was a problem with their dimensions on the design drawings. This size was very difficult in terms of process achievability. So I chased an email to the customer, told him we can not process at that size, and sent the revised design diagram to them, clearly marked before and after modification of the size.
The customer replies to me and said that their old supplier said that size was correct.Asking maybe we were wrong. According to my understanding of the processing technology of the product, if we want to achieve the customer’s size, we can only rely on the only few precision equipment on the market. The processing cost will be much higher than the customer’s offer. I think from the customer’s point of view the key point of the problem: Is it right? Our R&D strength needs to be further upgraded. With the understanding of the market learning peers.
We carefully manufactured an inverted umbrella sample according to our own design ideas. Taking advantage of the opportunity to meet in Macau, he specifically delivered the customer to the customer and gave a detailed introduction. When I saw the sample provided by the old supplier, I was happy. Obviously, this was produced by the ordinary equipment. When I measured with a vernier caliper, everything was all right. It turned out that their old supplier had modified the size without permission. Although, the sample is not bad overall. But we still won!
When the customer simply asked about the delivery date and several problems with the payment method, they quickly confirmed the order. I know that professional umbrella users will choose the Rainscene (Inverted Umbrella Expert)!
The harder, the more professional, the more professional, the luckier! Rainscene inverted umbrella, we will continue to be a professional luckier!
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