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Rainscene Umbrella-- the first quarter strategic review conference.

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One year's plan is in spring.As each project methodically spread out, the first quarter of the Rainscene Umbrella also ushered in the perfect closure.In order to make the company drawn up at the beginning of this strategy are fully implement and optimization, make the company's management, unified  understanding, and action. on April 3 to 4, Thecompany's management held its first quarterly strategic review

meeting at the Shangri-la resort on stream creek.The chairman of the company Ms. Lina He,the company's strategic adviser, Ms. Lin fang, and senior management of thecompany attended the meeting.

The conference process is rich and compact.First, the quarterly summary and plan of each department, the production department, sales department, financial department, personnel department and Marketing Department made the summary statement in order.Followed by the strategic implementation, examine item by item. The Rainscene Umbrella strategic advisory teacher Mr.Lin on the early development of strategic planning in the task,project, data, mechanism of four dimensions made profound analysis and conclusion.Finally, the responsibility clear task list, through the responsibility to improve the executive force is one of the important management means, the company in the task list, under the guidance of the work of each department will get strong promoted.

The meeting process was positive and enthusiastic.In line with the found problems, analyzing problems, solving the problem of meeting objective, strategic goals and management project team members around the brainstorming, open dialogues

from strategic planning to project-specific work, and from the department pain points to improvement measures, with the task list of detailed distribution, the company's operating in the virtually improved short board, the company's management level and rose to

a new level. On the afternoon of April 4, the chairman of the company whose name is Ms.Lena He made an enthusiastic summary.She affirmed the outcome of the meeting and encouraged the core team with confidence: you will enjoy the fruits of victory in the

rapid progress of your work.Before our eyes, a picture emerges: Rainscene Umbrella this colorful umbrella is rising.

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