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Selecting Umbrella Knowledge in Summer for UV Protection

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Strong ultraviolet rays in the summer can easily lead to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to skin diseases such as erythema, heat rashes and bloated diseases. Selecting a sun umbrella with UV protection can protect the skin. When UV rays pass through the sunscreen umbrella fabric, 4 kinds of situations occur: one part transmits through the fabric; the other part reflects on the surface of the fabric; and part of the fabric fiber is absorbed during the process; part of the fabric penetrates and scatters. The sun umbrellas produced by regular manufacturers (Rainscene umbrella inverted expert, specialty in making good quality of umbrella) marked with fabrics and anti-UV indexes in their trademarks. What are their differences?

UV protection Function 

Can the umbrella in your hand block the penetration and killing of UV rays? We can test it by two simple methods on the followings.

Method one, with a new version of 100 yuan on the inside of the umbrella. If the 100 words of UV anti-counterfeit signs blurred, or can not see. Indicating that this umbrella can block a certain band of ultraviolet light, and vice versa. Indicating that the effect of poor UV protection.

Method two, open several umbrellas of different materials at outdoors, place a thermometer of the same type inside and outside each umbrella, and observe the difference between the inside and outside thermometers after exposure for 10 minutes. If the internal and external thermometers have a large difference, explain Umbrella's heat insulation and UV protection function is good, otherwise, it is poor quality.(Rainscene  umbrella inverted expert, specialty in making good quality of umbrella).

Silver glue coated fabric

Silver tape fabrics are not only good for UV protection, but also relatively inexpensive. When using, pay attention to the silver glue coating not to touch the rainwater, rainwater will damage the coating of the umbrella and reduce the sunscreen effect.after umbrella was used a long time, Ag glue coating will be aging and darken, sometimes you can find a mark of the coating, this is because the dry climate coating shrinks, you need to replace the new umbrella to ensure sun protection.

Two kinds of new fabrics

TC dyed fabric is a new type of fabric that can be washed without affecting the effect of sunscreen. The light transmittance is not high, and the ultraviolet rays with wavelengths of 380, 300, and 220 nm can be completely blocked. UV 250-400 nm band is most likely to cause sunburn and dryness of human skin and hair. And there is also a laser punched fabric, woven by a high-density process. A number of refractive particles coated on the surface of the fabrics,each dot will change color with the rotation of the light position, and play a role in the scattering of ultraviolet rays. Both fabrics are best for UV protection, but they are more expensive.(Rainscene  umbrella inverted expert, specialty in making good quality of umbrella).

Three stylish fabrics

Fat and thin silk look like lace, ultra-light and very beautiful, but the light transmittance of this fabric is high, the effect of sunscreen is not good. And the satin cloth is a satin fabric that belongs to polyester, and its anti-ultraviolet effect is weaker than silver gel-coated fabric. we can find the pearl tape fabric on the market, which has a certain reflection effect on the ultraviolet rays. And the sunscreen effect is also worse than the silver gel-coated fabric.

The color depth of the texture is good

By detecting the ratio of UV penetration of polyester fabrics of various colors.The ultraviolet transmittance of black fabrics is 5%. And the ultraviolet transmittance of Tibetan, blue, red, dark green and purple fabrics is 5%-10%; green, pink, light green UV transmittance of white fabrics is 15%. and therefore the same fabric, dark color is better than light sunscreen.

(Rainscene umbrella inverted expert, specialty in making good quality of umbrella).

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