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Our senior inspector teaches you how to buy a good umbrella  

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Umbrellas is from a living utility to trending consumer products. A good umbrella, like a life partner, can be accompanied for a long time. In the current market, although the variety of umbrellas is dazzling, the quality of products is also uneven. How can I get good one in my favorite? Do not worry, Our ten-year-old senior inspection master will tell you step by step.(Rainscene Umbrella is an professional advertising umbrella manufacturer in good quality)  

1、Switch performance check

With an umbrella in hand, we must first open an umbrella to be flexible, open to the top, unobstructed, and not fall; when the umbrella is closed, it must be light and easy. The umbrella joints on the umbrella handle should be able to retreat and lock freely, and the switch parts will not fail or fall off. When using the automatic umbrella, the key button shall not be actuated by itself, the opening speed shall be fast but not fierce, and it shall be powerful, and the pulling force at the time of falling shall not be too heavy.(Rainscene Umbrella is an professional advertising  umbrella manufacturer in good quality)  

2、Umbrella inspection

The cloth umbrella should be made of a special twill fabric as a fabric. It must be flat, free from dirt, without holes, and without skipping to ensure that the umbrella surface will not leak. The surface of the canopy should be evenly,The surface of the umbrella surface should be uniform and uniform in color and color, and the flower shape and stripe splicing should be similar. Nylon cloth umbrella surface should be coated with a layer of rainproof glue, no leakage of heavy rain, there must be no obvious weaving defects and leakage of pulp. When the canopy is open, the umbrella should be plump and beautiful, and must not be in a bowl dish or deep bowl.(Rainscene Umbrella is an professional advertising umbrella manufacturer in good quality) 

3、Umbrella rib inspection

The ribs should not be rusted, flat, smooth and convex, flexible, moderate in softness and hardness, and should be tightly attached to the umbrella pole after the fall, and should not be poked to the back of the hand. Rivet connections should be flexible and moderate, and light and smooth.(Rainscene Umbrella is an professional advertising umbrella manufacturer in good quality) 

If you want to buy a good-looking umbrella, it is essential to observe it with your heart. Otherwise, an umbrella with an nice appearance is inapplicable,it can only be bought as an ornament. The above is a practical method to identify the quality of umbrellas and I hope to help you. If you have other questions, please contact with us.

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