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2012 China Red Song Guangzhou Division to join the Rainscene Umbrella

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  June 9, 2012, China Red Song tournament kicked off in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou People's enthusiasm to participate actively in Red Song, showing the love of red songs, but also that love of country.
  We also actively cooperate with the Red Umbrella song, we were fortunate enough to become a sponsor Guangzhou Division
  We offer in line with the theme of red tents for the organizers, making the enthusiastic participation of the Red Song of the players, as well as the enthusiasm of the audience, in such hot weather there is a trace of cool.
  Active players, enthusiastic audience, love the red rain tent, and the Red Song echoes.
  Contest judges look at the situation in the rain red tent, which was so calm, so serious, hot weather can not stop the judges Mende serious, fair.
  Guangzhou Division players in the finals site, guests and spectators watched carefully by Red Song. 
  Guangzhou Division qualify players, each face filled with a happy smile.
  Love fortunate to witness the whole process of the rain contest, we see the enthusiasm of the people of Guangzhou red songs, love of country, love the rain, but also want to give your life to bring hope and convenience. 
  Guangzhou rainscene Umbrella will love the attention the previous day Red Song, I wish our players Guangzhou Division Finals good results achieved in.
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