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“Rescuing” Bangladesh, by processing 120000 advertising umbrella within 13 days

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    In the first working day after the Spring Festival, we deal with all kinds of consultation orders as usual. However, there is an order particularly attracting my attention that a trading company in Hong Kong consults me whether 400000 advertising umbrellas can be processed within 30 days. The order with such big amount must be used for an election. Although we have accumulated lots of experiences to deal with orders with African countries, it’s the first time to manage an urgent order in this period. I think the one who make the order is badly in need of this batch of umbrellas. The processing capability and production ability of our professional factory are staying ahead of the industry, so this output can be easily accomplished in normal times. However, on the 8th of the Spring Festival, even though the workers of 5 processing plants and products factories are in place as scheduled, they are occupied with the orders that were arranged before the New Year and provided with materials, because the material suppliers are basically in the state of lacking various kinds of personnel in whole New-Year month. Generally, the urgent orders will not be produced during the Spring Festival. I tell the order maker about our factories’ information, and meanwhile I state what difficulties we may encounter in production.
    Surprisingly, colleagues of the order maker from Guangzhou branch company visit our company with umbrella pictures in the second day. They have clear demands and always emphasize the delivery time, but then the whole communication is in a slow pace and we make offers twice. As 15 days passed by, we received other enquiries about this order from several trading companies in Hong Kong during these days. In accordance with the established intuition about producing advertising umbrella, I vaguely feel that the order make may meet big troubles.
    On the sixteenth day, the terminal purchase MOMO of Bangladesh personally came to the Yuzhongqing, and paid site visits to our 5 processing factories. The time for products’ detail conformation is 10 hours, then he signed the order on the spot. The 120000 advertising umbrellas in 13 days is the first usage amount in his activity. MOMO told us later that he nearly gave up the choice of using umbrella for he was worried about the shortage of time, but the factories of Yuzhongqing did give him real confidence. To be honest, this order puts a tremendous challenge to any manufacturer, and it’s not only the production quantity problem we can see. Although we have prepared the product’s sample in earlier stage, there were a lot of details temporarily needed to be solving after signing the contract. Take a transparent plastic umbrella as an example. The Bangladesh environmental standards regulate that any PVC non-environmental materials can never be used, but in present market conditions, the products produced by nearly all umbrella cover factories are made of PVC materials. We needed to invoke POE materials and make samples for MOMO to confirm. Due to the urgency of delivery time, we only had two days to conduct the process of material searching and sample confirmation. I still remembered that the delivery of umbrella cover sample was at the 22:00 flight, and we took the article at 2:30 in the morning and sent it to MOMO’s hotel at 4:00, and MOMO set out at 6:00 and took the 8:00 flight back to Bangladesh. The time was too urgent to be delayed, and we did that.
    There are many stories not detailed in this order. In the fast and quality-guaranteeing, intense but orderly pace, under the situation of our several processing factories’ cooperation, and during the lunar January in Spring Festival when personnel of other factories were not in place, we succeeded in producing 120000 umbrellas within 13 days. MOMO said every detail we made all exceeded his expectation, and he regretted that he did not take Yuzhongqing as priority and wasted 15 days, otherwise he could make this purchase more perfect.
    Honestly speaking, I am lucky to join in the Yuzhongqing team. Every order and every demand of clients can be perfectly achieved under the cooperation of workers in all departments, and we strive with joint efforts. It feels really good to interpret every advertising umbrella with our hearts. Yuzhongqing cheers up!
                                                                                                                        (Sales Dept.: Chen Xiaohong, April 3,2015)
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