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How can Yuzhogqing pass the most stringent factory inspection standards of German car brand OEM advertising umbrella?---The umbrella is sampled 20 times and keeping on improving, ordered by Porsche for 3 years and still in mass production.

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   This story dated back to 2012. I wrote this story, because I saw the this umbrella in the standard gift bag sold by 4S shop when I went to Porsche company to pick up my lovely car last month, which reminded me of the past days and aroused infinite signs in my heart.
   It is the story that concerns with the fearlessness of the ignorant, relates to work through difficulties and is full of positive energy. In 2012, I met Zhang Qinghong, who once worked for Guangdong’s largest umbrella factory Zongjia. Mr. Zhang was in charge of total purchases in Zongjia, and he was also the most trusted colleagues and friends of Zongjia’s chairman and his heir. After Zongjia transited to the real estate industry and finished the business of umbrella industry, there were still some umbrella industry businesses needed some assistance, and this task fell into the shoulder of Mr. Zhang. It’s my honor to be friend with Mr. Zhang. He has sufficient umbrella-making experiences, while I possess the internet spirit and have great passion for umbrella, so we quickly become partners and create the Yuzhongqing Products Factory.
   Fortunately, our first client was Porsche; unfortunately, our first client was Porsche. The assessment from third party in Hong Kong, the strict and complicated auditing standards drove us crazy. For Yuzhongqing, which previously focused on purely processing low-end advertising umbrellas, it never heard of social responsibility, CE certification and new national umbrella standard GB/T 23103-2008… These were all zero breakthroughs, and as for Manager Zhang, always capable of doing anything he wants in the industry, had experienced kinds of in-adaptations to run a small products factory from scratch with limited fund.
After half-year refinement, we had our professional umbrella lab for quality inspection. Every working procedure is in accordance with the highest standards of German. Today, even though we face the auditing of some world’s automobile companies with most developing potential (they can not be revealed for confidentiality agreements), we can pass easily. I am grateful to that period of time.
   In addition to the auditing of factories’ hardware conditions, the bigger challenge is the product. Porsche, whose cars price is over hundred of millions, has high requirements to its complimentary gifts which should accord with its product’s tonality taste and ensure quality. In order to design this product, we made samples more than 20 times and opened several sets of light handle abrasive tools. Before opening the mold, we repeatedly revised and designed all kinds of details, and after opening the mold, we constantly made adjustment and modification, readjustment and re-modification, until we were nearly perfect.
   Although our design became more high-end and we even processed umbrellas for some luxury brands, this golf umbrella designed for Porsche is still one of the most perfect umbrellas in my mind. What’s more, the market has proved that in the past 3 years, although many new types of materials in umbrella industry were launched, this type of umbrella still does not need to make any modification and adjustment when it’s ordered and produced. It’s so classic.
   Today, as the owner of Porsche and as a consumer, I got this umbrella that makes me proud from Porsche. I can not help expressing my mixed feelings, and I want to show my gratitude for Porsche’s strictness and rigor, which accomplish today’s Yuzhongqing.

                                                                                                                              (Chairman: He Lina, April 3, 2015)

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