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Why do the trading companies servicing for Nivea, P&G and DHL, etc. choose the advertising umbrellas processed by Yuzhongqing?---How to assure the picky trading companies and make them let things go easily in Yuzhongqing

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  The trading partners of Yuzhongqing are getting more and more, and lots of people choose us to be the supplier of umbrella category and recommend us to others in the industry, which makes us grateful. After several years of efforts and operation, thousands of experiences and lessons tell us that only focusing on the customers’ demand and possessing professional quality are the key to victory.
  NO.1 Attitude and Professionalism
Many trading companies are unfamiliar with umbrellas and advertising umbrellas, so under this situation, we should combine with clients’ actual conditions to help them conduct the recommendation and selection of products, the match of cloth and handle, etc. Furthermore, because of the trading companies’ unfamiliarity with products, we should make formulation and quotation of each type of product and elaborate the respective characteristics of these products to trading companies, in order to enable them to explain clearly to their clients. This is of great importance, but many umbrella factories ignore this. Not only we need to be professional, but also we can teach professional knowledge to our cooperating trading companies, and it’s win-win.
  NO.2 Degree of Cooperation
  As for trading companies, cooperation is particularly significant. Because they are the middlemen and advertising umbrella is the customized product, sometimes the clients’ plane designs are totally different from the actual products, so the immediate modifications and repeated proofing are needed. We can not only cooperate very well and never mind having troubles, but also make part proofing timely according to the situation, for example, the color conformation for dying the laser of handle and small piece of cloth, the logo conformation of printing triangular plate, and so on, and the modifications in detail will satisfy the customers. Proofing with fast speed and good attitude is critical. The time we exchange by speed will bring more hope to earn orders.
  NO.3 Product Quality and Cost Performance
  Even with good service attitude, the quality and cost performance of products are most important. In recent years, Yuzhongqing put large amount of money and manpower to promote the standardized management and quality inspection standards of each processing factories, which made our product quality in the leading position of the industry. Moreover, the standardized factory management and the participation of purchase agents with high grade could also reduce our cost. The cost performance is one of our biggest advantages. With the same price, our products have best quality while with the same quality, the price of our products is lowest.
  NO.4 Team Ability
  We boast the senior salesmen, professional designers and strict production administrators… Yuzhongqing is not only a processing factory but also has the support of whole team. The excellent team exerts its excellent strength. Such as design, as long as the customer provides logo and his inclined style of umbrella, our professional designers will conduct the tailored design of advertising umbrellas’ surface within 24 hours.
  We are concerned and worried about our customer’s needs before anything else. We employ the professional ability and resources integration to solve the problems arising in the cooperation. Experiences need to be accumulated, while lessons remembered. When making contact with large and rigorous trading companies, we should pay attention to the details important for customers and cautiously avoid errors.
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