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How can luxury umbrella be manufactured?

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An umbrella with first-grade workmanship, material and design. How long can the first-grade umbrella be used? We look forward you to witnessing with us!
In 2014, a director of an European companies in China found us in Alibaba and required us to design and produce 1000 umbrellas as the gift of shareholders’ general meeting and the employee welfare. This surprised us because there was a common cognition that the umbrella manufacturing industry in Europe is most sophisticated in the world. Only when the all European factories are lined with numerous orders can seldom orders come to China.
After fully knowing the users and using requirements of this type umbrella, we accepted this order under great pressure. Since that, we began a long process of designing, drafting and proofing. After repeated modifications, we finally confirmed the sample until the mid of October. From the communication with this director, we knew the this type umbrella won wide appreciation and praise.
1.From “Made in China” to “Produced by China”
Actually, there is an “unspoken rule” in umbrella industry that when the orders are made by Japanese, South Korean and European clients, the factories have strict requirements for product’s quality during the manufacturing period, and even though the order has small difference between the manufacturing number of products and domestic clients’ ordering number or the order has same unit price, there will be two quality requirements of different levels. Why? Don’t we have the pursuit and aspiration for a good umbrella? No matter who will require to get the product with the highest cost performance by paying the same price. It’s not because of the shortage of domestic customers and the pursuit for umbrella with good quality, but the main reason is that different quality inspection standards of factories isolate us from the touch and usage of good umbrella. If we want to have a good-quality umbrella, we must purchase overseas!
2.As an Umbrella User and Lover to Re-examine the “Umbrella”
The main consuming group of this type umbrella is the man. From the umbrella type used by a man, the connotation, knowledge and self-cultivation of this man can be seen. So this umbrella can represent a man, and the good appearance is in the second place, but the durable service is for whole life. It looks like a samurai sword with the reserved style of steady and rich sense of security.
The man who is fond of carrying an umbrella when going out must be the one aware of taking care of and sharing with others. He builds a shelter from storm and creates a beautiful harbor in the wind and rain for the people he likes with his arms of holding the umbrella.
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